Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth surgery is a procedure whereby the dentist performs a minor surgery to safely remove a wisdom tooth that is not growing out straight. In general, wisdom teeth will grow out of the gums between the age of 18 to 21. When they do not erupt properly, wisdom teeth can cause problems like pain and infection.

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Removal

    1. Prevention of decay
      When wisdom teeth do not grow out straight, food traps will occur between the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it. With food traps, decay and gum disease can affect the tooth next to the wisdom tooth. Early removal of the wisdom tooth can prevent the loss of the tooth next to the wisdom tooth.
    2.  Prevention of pain and swelling
      Food traps between the wisdom tooth and the next tooth can lead to infection. With infection, patients often experience severe pain and swelling.


  1. How long is the recovery period after wisdom tooth surgery?
    In general, you will be able to eat normally after 2-3 days. You may experience mild pain and swelling of the face for a few days.


Implant dentistry is a specialised field for the replacement of missing teeth. This is done with titanium fixtures placed in the jawbone. These fixtures are used to support missing teeth. At Smile-Link Healthcare Global Berhad, the use of digital 3-dimensional x-rays and specialised computer software allows our dentists to plan and perform implant surgeries in a safe and precise manner. 


  • Allow you to speak, eat, and smile naturally
  • Look, fit, and function like natural teeth
  • Eliminate the use of ill-fitting denture
  • All-on-4 implants procedure is able to replace all your missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw.


Bone grafting procedures are usually necessary if there is not enough bone available to place dental implants.


  1. Am I suitable for dental implants?
    Most patients are suitable candidates for implant treatment. Our advice is to have a thorough examination, including 3-dimensional x-rays. It is not advisable to proceed with implant treatment without first having a detailed discussion with your dentist.
  2. Will the dental implant surgery be painful?
    Dental implant surgeries are generally pain-free. In fact, most of our patients do not need painkillers beyond the second day.
  1. How long is an implant surgery?
    In most cases, implant surgeries can be completed within 60 minutes.

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